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A New Model: Combining Portfolio Management and Data Governance Recommendations

Often, organizations decide to not let Portfolio Management gatekeepers prioritize/authorize all recommendations that come out of governance-led issue analysis. And so, a new model is created, with a third bucket. In this model, executive leadership (or the Data Stewardship Council or a Data Governance Board) may choose to mandate the execution of certain high-priority recommendations. The gatekeeper group will still administer the implementation of such efforts, but is not empowered to deem them unnecessary.


To succeed with this new funding and prioritization model, most organizations find they must implement five supporting efforts:

      1. A policy change (issued by senior management) to permit or mandate this mechanism
      2. A funding bucket to be spent at the discretion of senior leadership. (An alternative is to treat each governance recommendation as an exception, allocating 1-off funding for each one.)
      3. A resourcing (capacity) bucket to ensure that resources will be available. (Again, an alternative is to treat each request as an exception)
      4. Executive “push” to support the mandate to implement the recommendation
      5. Some sort of governance organization to administer the requests and monitor progress.

This three-bucket approach to funding means that a Data Stewardship Council that comes together to analyze data-related issues can make implementation decisions with confidence that they are making decisions that will “stick.”


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