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 About the Data Governance Institute


The Data Governance Institute (DGI) is the industry’s oldest and best known source of in-depth, vendor-neutral Data Governance best practices and guidance. Founded in 2003 by Gwen Thomas, primary author of the DGI Data Governance Framework, it’s the number one recognized name in the industry, with practitioners around the world consistently reporting that they have based their programs on the DGI Data Governance Framework and supporting materials.

DGI introduced the DGI Data Governance Framework in 2004 in response to an emerging need for a way to classify, organize, and communicate complex activities involved in making decisions about and taking action on enterprise data. Employing the framework has enabled data strategists, data governance professionals, business stakeholder, and IT leaders to work together to make decisions about how to manage data, realize value from it, minimize cost and complexity, manage risk, and ensure compliance with ever-growing legal, regulatory, and other requirements.

DataGovernance.com, has become the web’s largest source of free information about Data Governance, Data Stewardship, and related topics.