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Guidance By Gwen

Focus Areas for Data Governance: Focus on Policy, Standards, Strategy

   This type of program typically comes into existence because some group within the organization needs support from a cross-functional leadership body. For example, companies moving from silo development to enterprise systems may find their application development teams resisting the ...

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Focus Areas for Data Governance

  All Data Governance programs are not alike. Quite the contrary: programs can use the same framework, employ the same processes, and still appear very different. Why is this? It’s because of what the organization is trying to make decisions ...

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Demonstrating Value

  Everything an organization does should tie to one of three universal value drivers Increase revenue and value Manage cost and complexity Support Risk Management and Compliance efforts, and increase confidence. Data Governance efforts MUST tie back to one or ...

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Defining Data Governance

  There’s an old adage: You can’t manage what you don’t name. And then there’s its corollary: You can’t manage well what you don’t define explicitly. How you define your program will influence your ability to manage it — to keep all ...

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