Consulting Services

What We Do

We're happy to help you take a program from concept to implementation, to build roadmaps for new programs, and to assess existing programs. But we're also happy to help you with your short-term, focused needs:

Developing Metrics, Measurements, and Rules
  • Creating value statements and ROI for program/project funding requests
  • Choosing metrics and success measures
  • Choosing value-based strategies for gaining support from reluctant stakeholders
  • Creating, collecting, and aligning data policies, standards, guidelines, and business rules
  • updating data strategies to leverage governance while addressing Compliance, Data Privacy, Controls, and the protection of sensitive data
Improving Stakeholder Communications and Stakeholder Support
  • Starting a Help Desk for Data
  • Building Communication Plans, communication materials, and templates you can use when we're gone
  • Developing strategies for engaging management, staff, stewards, and stakeholders
  • Stakeholder education
  • Short-term mentoring of governance staff
Aligning Governance With Other EffortS
  • Aligning governance with Compliance and Privacy requirements
  • Aligning governance with Enterprise Architecture strategies
  • Inserting governance steps into SDLCs, and providing Data Governance hand-offs for Project Managers
  • Building governance activities into Application Development practices
  • Developing data-related Chanage Control that doesn't create bottlenecks
  • Establishing Data Quality policies and processes; selecting DQ tools
  • Creating auditable data controls
Solving Data Issues
  • Facilitating JAD sessions and issue resolution efforts for legacy data issues
  • Standardizing data definitions and other metadata
  • Selecting tools to support governance and/or data-related goals
  • Creating standard, documented, auditable conflict resolution processes
Defining and Scaling Programs
  • Developing methods for managing Data Stewardship and Stakeholder information and operations
  • Fleshing out Roles and Responsibilities and Decision Rights
  • Expanding your program into new domains
  • Defining Governance for MDM
  • Defining Governance for SOA

Our Philosophy

We believe that the biggest challenges with governance tend to be
  • cultures
  • communication styles
  • complexity of issues
  • competing requirements, approaches, agendas, and stakeholder needs
  • convincing busy people to participate and support cross-functional efforts
  • coordination of boundary-spanning efforts, and
  • proving the value of what is being done
We believe that a Data Governance program - like any other organizational endeavor - should be able to prove its value. We believe every stakeholder should be able to receive a clear answer when they ask, "Exactly why are we planning this program / project / meeting / set of activities?"

With this in mind, our value-based approach to governance employs a framework, tools, and processes that map every effort to how it helps the organization
  • increase revenue or the value of its assets
  • manage cost and complexity, and/or
  • ensure survival through attention to risk, compliance, and security.
We bring to every engagement best-practice-based processes, templates, checklists, and other tools that can be customized to reflect the unique culture, environment, and configuration of your organization.

The Data or Information? Conundrum

We've been doing governance long before it was "cool." We've been doing it long before there were sophisticated tools to assist with it. We've worked with structured data, unstructured content, documents, taxonomies, content management systems, document management systems, and web design/delivery tools.

Because of this experience - and backgrounds that blend business-side work with IT experience - we're in the unique position to help if you're looking for a unified governance/ management approach for data/information that brings together those who prepare data for computers and those who organize information for the human eye.

Our Experience

Data Governance Institute staff have years of experience with Data Governance and Stewardship, Data Integration, Data Architecture, Data and Metadata Management, Policy Development, Standards Development, Master Data Management, Documentation, and Compliance / Controls / Risk Management.

We've helped large and small organizations, working with public and private corporations and governmental agencies. We've helped design and implement programs. And, we've also helped organizations that already have programs in place, as they and address sticky data issues and improve their abilities to address specific needs.

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