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Why isn't there much data-related humor on the Internet, and why is it that only a small percentage of what's out there is actually humorous?

Do people think data isn't funny? No way! Data (and the people who work with it) can be hilarious.After all, Bob Newhart began his legendary career as a comedian portraying an accountant…

I don't know about your working environment, but in mine, comedy is not only present, but extremely necessary. Data Governance tends to operate at Ground Zero for data-related conflict. We NEED to laugh sometimes. Humor in the corporate environment is therapeutic, cathartic and an extremely essential social lubricant. I (and I'm sure you), cannot count the number of times that a joke or funny situation has diffused an unpleasant and potentially explosive situation.

And so, we at the Data Governance Institute have spent a lot of time collecting funny stuff for you: jokes, poems, rhymes, songs, video clips, cartoons, and more. Here is our gift: the Web's largest collection of good data humor.

Darwin the Data Dude
Humor Editor for the Data Governance Institute

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Cartoon Section:
We're posting the 'Cartoon of the Week' as well as an archive of data-related cartoons. If you have an original cartoon, or just a captionea, please contact us. We'll be glad to credit your contribution (or not, if you prefer).

If Bill Clinton can write a crossword puzzle for the New York Times, we can surely produce plenty of puzzles for your enjoyment…
Once again, feel free to contribute.

Data Videos:
You wouldn't believe what people film themselves doing! This collection includes some great scenes involving monitors and guys with hammers... If you want to contribute, be sure to send us a URL; we won't open or accept any actual video files.

From the funny to the memorable, they are here.  Visit, browse, or send us your favorite.
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