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Component #7: Data Stakeholders

A data stakeholder is an individual or group that could affect or be affected by the data under discussion. Your program will probably have a list of “usual suspects” – obvious stakeholders such as certain business groups, IT teams, Data Architects, and DBAs. Other stakeholders may not be so obvious for a given decision or situation. Knowing which stakeholder to bring to the table – and when – is the responsibility of the Data Governance team.

Who are your Data Stakeholders?

Chances are, they come from across the organization. They include groups who create data, those who use data, and those who set rules and requirements for data.

What do your stakeholders want?

Because Data Stakeholders affect and are affected by data-related decisions, they usually have expectations that must be addressed by the Data Governance program. Some will expect to be included in some kinds of data-related decisions. Some will be expected to be consulted before decisions are formalized, and others will be satisfied to be informed of decisions after they are made.

Often, a subset of executive stakeholders will form a Data Governance Board to provide oversight to the program, issue policies, and resolve issues. Other times, governance oversight is provided by an existing organizational body, such as an IT Steering Committee or an Executive team.


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