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Component #8: A Data Governance Office

The Data Governance Office (DGO) facilitates and supports Data Governance and Data Stewardship activities. It…

      • runs the program
      • keeps track of Data Stakeholders and Stewards
      • provides liaisons to other disciplines and programs, such as Data Quality, Compliance, Privacy, Security, Architecture, and IT Governance
      • collects and aligns policies, standards, and guidelines from these stakeholder groups
      • arranges for the providing of information and analysis to IT projects as requested
      • facilitates and coordinates data analysis and issue analysis projects
      • facilitates and coordinates meetings of Data Stewards
      • collects metrics and success measures and reports on them to data stakeholders
      • provides ongoing Stakeholder Care in the form of communication, access to information, record-keeping, and education/support
      • articulates the value of Data Governance and Stewardship activities
      • provides centralized communications for governance-led and data-related matters
      • maintains governance records

Not all organizations choose to institute a formal DGO structure. Instead, they employ an equivalent: individuals who perform the functions that would typically be assigned to a DGO. Often, these individuals come from the ranks of Data Architects and Data Analysts, or those working with Metadata / Data Definitions.

Whether they are part of a DGO, individuals filling these roles must be able to succeed with governance communications.


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