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Component #9: Data Stewards

Most Data Governance programs have a Data Stewardship Council that is made up of a set of Data Stakeholders who come together to make data-related decisions. They may set policy and specify standards, or they may craft recommendations that are acted on by a higher-level Data Governance Board.

Sometimes – especially for large organizations – a single level of stewards is inadequate. In this case, a hierarchy of stewards may exist. With large or small organizations, the Data Stewardship Council may break out into teams or working groups that address specific data issues or decisions.

Data Governance programs with a focus on Data Quality may also include Data Quality Stewards. These roles typically report to a business function or Data Quality team, with dotted-line accountabilities to Data Governance. These stewards examine sets of data against criteria for completeness, correctness, and integrity. They make corrections as appropriate and refer other issues to the DGO.


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