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Privacy and Security Quotes

Man Looking Through Binoculars - Privacy and SecurityPrivacy is one of the most debated topics in recent memory. It seems like nowadays, everyone wants to know your business. And it’s not just the NSA and Facebook types that are rummaging through your information. Have you read all the permissions you agree to when you download an app to your mobile device? Even some offline games like Solitaire now require the ability to read your text messages, contacts and know your location! Is this just the price we pay for living in the digital age or an infringement on our rights as citizens and consumers? And what are organizations doing to protect your information? How do they truly keep your data safe? Is there such a thing as safe anymore?

These quotes show the different attitudes and opinions surrounding privacy and security. What’s your stance?

At the bottom, the elimination of spyware and the preservation of privacy for the consumer are critical goals if the Internet is to remain safe and reliable and credible.

– Cliff Stearns 

Better be despised for too anxious apprehensions, than ruined by too confident security.

– Edmund Burke 

Every ISP is being attacked, maliciously both from in the United States and outside of the United States, by those who want to invade people’s privacy. But more importantly they want to take control of computers, they want to hack them, they want to steal information.

– Darrell Issa 

I really believe that we don’t have to make a trade-off between security and privacy. I think technology gives us the ability to have both.

– John Poindexter 

I want my government to do something about my privacy – I don’t want to just do it on my own.

– Evgeny Morozov 

If someone steals your password, you can change it. But if someone steals your thumbprint, you can’t get a new thumb. The failure modes are very different.

– Bruce Schneier 

In digital era, privacy must be a priority. Is it just me, or is secret blanket surveillance obscenely outrageous?

– Al Gore 

It used to be expensive to make things public and cheap to make them private. Now it’s expensive to make things private and cheap to make them public.

– Clay Shirky, Internet scholar and professor at N.Y.U 

Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.

– Gary Kovacs 

Privacy with medical information is a fallacy. If everyone’s information is out there, it’s part of the collective.

– Craig Venter 

Relying on the government to protect your privacy is like asking a peeping tom to install your window blinds.

– John Perry Barlow 

Security is always excessive until it’s not enough.

– Robbie Sinclair, Head of Security, NSW Australia 

Taking privacy cues from the federal government is – to say the least – ironic, considering today’s Orwellian level of surveillance. At virtually any given time outside of one’s own home, an American citizen can reasonably assume his movements and actions are being monitored by something, by somebody, somewhere.

– Bob Barr 

The bigger the network, the harder it is to leave. Many users find it too daunting to start afresh on a new site, so they quietly consent to Facebook’s privacy bullying.

– Evgeny Morozov 

The companies that do the best job on managing a user’s privacy will be the companies that ultimately are the most successful.

– Fred Wilson 

The fantastic advances in the field of electronic communication constitute a greater danger to the privacy of the individual.

– Earl Warren 

The user’s going to pick dancing pigs over security every time.

– Bruce Schneier 

We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government.

– William Orville Douglas 

We demand privacy, yet we glorify those that break into computers.

– Bill McCollum 

We have never really had absolute privacy with our records or our electronic communications – government agencies have always been able to gain access with appropriate court orders.

– Dorothy Denning 

We’ve come to expect so little from online privacy measures that public displays of concern about the matter are more or less for show. Being devastated to discover you’ve been tagged in somebody else’s photo has an air of the melodramatic about it at this point.

– Sloane Crosley 

When it comes to privacy and accountability, people always demand the former for themselves and the latter for everyone else.

– David Brin 

Whether it’s Facebook or Google or the other companies, that basic principle that users should be able to see and control information about them that they themselves have revealed to the companies is not baked into how the companies work. But it’s bigger than privacy. Privacy is about what you’re willing to reveal about yourself.

– Eli Pariser 

You know something is wrong when the government declares opening someone else’s mail is a felony but your internet activity is fair game for data collecting.

– E.A. Bucchianeri 

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