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Chief Data Officer Forum – Hong Kong

    Welcome to the Chief Data Officer Forum – Hong Kong   In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the appointments of Chief Data Officers (CDOs). This is a result of data becoming  an increasingly important ...

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Australasian Enterprise Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Conference

  Data warehousing and business intelligence (DW/BI) refers to the range of activities involved in extracting, synthesising, analysing and presenting data to inform decision making and generate new business insights. The Australasian Enterprise Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Conference is ...

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Australasian Enterprise Architecture Conference

The Australasian Enterprise Architecture Conference is the only specialist conference on enterprise architecture in the Asia Pacific region. It provides a regional forum for sharing experiences, best practices and the latest thinking about enterprise architecture. It is the most important ...

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Australasian Enterprise Data Management Conference

Enterprise data management is the practice of managing information at the enterprise level rather than in “silos” (e.g. by individual applications or business units). The Australasian Enterprise Data Management Conference is the only specialist conference on enterprise data management in Australasia. It provides ...

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Data Modelling Zone Australia

The world is quickly changing with respect to how we view and analyse data, and along with these changes, data modelling plays a major role. The principles of data modelling need to stay firm, but our application of them needs refinement as technology advances. The sessions at Data Modelling Zone are a reflection of where the data modelling industry is, and where it is heading.

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The Data & Information Assembly Australia

With-out verified and accurate data, our information and intelligence analysis becomes an almost futile effort. People are discovering that they need to look back to discover what they can do with data in the future. For the first time in Australia, we are excited to be bringing back our past award winners, who will be sharing with us where their award winning data quality projects have grown and how. Also, they will be sharing their secrets on what took them there.

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